The Congregation of the Servants of Mary...

...on the footsteps of Father Cestac

Servants of Mary, we express our vocation by our name: 

the Holy Virgin Mary is our mother and our guide in our spiritual life. 

The source place or origin of the Congregation, Notre Dame du Refuge (Our Lady of Refuge),

with the Monastery of St. Bernard, remains the welcoming centre for spiritual, social and educational needs.

Present on 4 continents, our communities

from Africa (Ivory Coast), Latin America (Argentina and Uruguay),

Asia (India) and Europe (Spain and France),

share daily life in the service of life, in fidelity to the Spirit received...

« Ask me nothing but my spirit. »

  « Long for the welfare of all. »

« The name of Mary itself 

must fill your heart 

with joy, love and hope. »

« Our missión is to make 

known and love better

the divine Mother of heaven. »

« Poor or rich, the children 

have the same right for your care. »

« Our hope, it is prayer 

and prayer done with trust and surrender. »

« It is not enough to give alms to the poor, 

we must love them and respect them. »

« Wait for the moments of God, 

it is almost the secret of the divine Works. »

« Don’t be surprised of anything,

don’t be frightened of anythingEverything will pass

The Divine Mother looks after you and guard you. »

Our communities in the world

Our mission

Rooted in a life of prayer, as Servants of Mary we are sent to serve God by serving our brothers, preferably the poor and the little ones, to proclaim the Good News and to reveal the face of Mary "as a sign of hope for peoples".

In Father Cestac's footsteps, today we are continuing the social, educational, spiritual mission differently. Also, by the creation of associations and foundations, the spirit of the Good Father continues to restore the taste for life, to the women and men of our time.


Foundation Gizaide
San Sebastián - SPAIN

Dispensary Maria Deephti
Panakahalli - INDIA

Foundation María de Belén

Shelter Maria Bhavan
Shantigiri - INDIA

Shelter Le Refuge

Day Care Centre Pakalveedu

Association Missions Père Cestac
Anglet - FRANCE

Association Accueil et Relais
Arras - FRANCE


Sainte Marie School
Biarritz - FRANCE

Boarding school Notre Dame

Morning Star School
Chapirevula - INDIA

Institute Nuestra Señora
Monte Grande - ARGENTINA

Parish school
Konoor - INDIA

Parish school
Shantigiri - INDIA

School group Stella Maris
Anglet - FRANCE

Educational foundation Santo Domingo
Burlada - SPAIN

Technical College
Nay-Baudreix - FRANCE

College La Milagrosa
Llavallol - ARGENTINE

Educational establishment Maria Deephti
Panakahalli - INDIA

Sainte Foy School
Toulouse - FRANCE


Our Communities

Our Communities

Our Communities

Our Communities

Our Communities

Community of Bernardines

Our Communities


Rice fields
Chapirevula - INDIA

The plantations

Les Jardins du Refuge
Anglet - FRANCE

Teak plantation
Akacomoekro - IVORY COAST

Our actualities

In Latin America
In Latin America

The Church does not close, the places of worship are closed; because we ARE the Church, the living body of our Lord Jesus...

30 June 2020
National Flag Day
National Flag Day

Foundation María de Belén in Goya, Argentina. In Argentina on June 20: national Flag Day celebration; the small ones...

27 June 2020
A project to be reborn
A project to be reborn

Jesus comes to meet us. "Do not be afraid." He invites us to serenity and trust. What a provocation, at a time...

14 June 2020