30/07/2022 | Communities

The enlarged council was gathered together from 18 to 23 July at Notre Dame. 

The Regionals from America Latine, India, France and Notre Dame and delegates from Spain and Ivory coast were present along with General council and General Econome. It was a time of reflection, sharing and spiritual enrichment.

Each region was presented a symbol which represent her region/ delegation.

Notre Dame: an open house

It represents the mother house which is opened to all and gives the light. All are welcomed into the house, specially all the sisters of the congregation and they feel at home. It is also welcome all those who come to visit the site Notre Dame.

France : an open book

Half of the book represents the life already lived, the past experiences... The other half, what is to be lived with much hope and courage.

Latine America: the Heart

From the compassionate and merciful Heart of Jesus, we want to present the seeds of life. In each heart there are images of our journey as Servants, where we "keep life". The cries of our people encourage us to listen attentively, seeking to discern synodally in prayer where to be present (prophetic call).

India: The tree

The root is Jesus Christ, inspired by the spirit of Mary and following by the charism of Fr. Cestac the sisters from France sown a seed  in India and it has become a tree with 8 branches and lots of leaves and flowers. The branches are our communities and leaves are our missions. The flowers are the sisters and the buds are the little ones in the formation.

Spain: 3 rings of an intertwined chain

They represent each of the 2 communities (one in Alliance) and the third the Church. In the center, a silhouette of the Spirit and of Christ, accompanying 7 silhouettes of people (the 7 sisters of the 2 communities). Despite the fact that we are all retired with our age and health limitations, we live in our two places of life as a presence of the Church, with the laity, in the parish, in the school...

Ivory Coast: the boat

It is a traditional means of transport on the water. It does not give any confidence because at any time it can overturn in the face of danger. The crossing in a boat is difficult, it requires confidence and solidarity to paddle sometimes against the current to reach the other side. yes, we must hold on no matter how long the crossing is because we are not alone in this boat. Jesus, the miraculous master of fishing, is with us.

We had a pilgrimage to Buglose on 19th July, the day Fr. Cestac was inspired by our lady of Buglose "Ask only for my spirit". It was a day of remembering the intervention of Mary in the life of Fr. Cestac, ressourcement and reflection. We entrusted whole congregation to our lady of Buglose that we may be filled with the same spirit.

We concluded the enlarged council with a celebration of sent off. All the members of the enlarged council went with a procession to the tomb of Fr. Cestac with lighted candles, which signifies each region with its reality, entrusted to him. At the end each one was presented a stone with the image of our lady of Buglose with the inspiring words "Ask only for my spirit".

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