Agriculture: a resource for life and sharing

The agricultural activities of our Communities around the world

From the creation of the Congregation of the Servants of Mary, Father Cestac was faced with the challenge of feeding this large family. Before pioneering to agriculture, he  sought to improve the agriculture by learning new methods, working with the local farmers and actively participating in various agricultural bodies.

Also, in his footsteps, our Communities around the world are working to develop agricultural activities, through various plantations, crops and livestock:

  • in India: paddy at Chapiruvela, maize at Panakahalli, tapioca,rubber at Shantigiri, and again the mushrooms,  tea, coffee and pepper in Gudalur
  • in Africa: teak forestry in Akacomoekro, in Ivory Coast
  • in France: market gardening and poultry farm in Anglet, with the gardens of Refuge...