Day after day with Father Cestac: AUGUST

AUGUST: Prayer

1.  Our life is a continuous prayer and thanksgiving.  Asking and thanking, these two things follow without interruption.

2.  In prayer you make thanksgiving; if prayer is the priority, gratitude is the holiest homework.

3.  All our life can and must be a continual prayer.

4.  Pray, pray a lot and always. It is the prayer which is our consolation and our delight.

5.  It is through prayer that grace is obtained. So, pray, pray while working, walking and soon you will see the fruits that you will derive from the spirit of prayer.

6.  Be silent towards your opponents and pray for them.

7.  St. Cajetanis the saint who abandon himself fully to the divine Providence, and must be honored and invoked specially by those who are called to live only on the providential care.

8.  The whole community redoubled their prayers, and you, O good and tender Mother, multiply on us the effusions of your merciful goodness.

9.  We must pray a lot and accompany our prayer of fidelity, trust.

10.  Pray for the enemies: they are worthy of pity.

11.  This is one of my great joy to pray for those who may want to work and to wish them all kinds of goodness.

12.  Prayer! Prayer! Oh! What a power with the divine mistress and that herself is powerful, with the prayer to her adorable son.

13.  Pray a lot to our admirable Mother, by praying our loyalty is doubled.

14.  Do not cease to pray for those become the occasion of your sorrows, recommend them   with all the instances of your heart to the charity of your holy Mother: that she is merciful and bring them to goodness.

15.  Oh! If we knew the power of the prayer, fervent, diligent, continuous accompanied by faithfulness.

16.  Prayer is the elevation of heart; it is the holy union of the soul with the divine Mother. Even at work you can pray.

17.  Our hope is in prayer and the prayer of trust and abandonment.

18.  Pray for those poor souls who are persuaded by the evil and on the way to ruin.

19.  Our first weapon is prayer, the powerful weapon, and always triumph once it is followed by perseverance and faithfulness. 

20.  Make a novena with your children; do it with great confidence. Children's Prayer is powerful.

21.  We have to pray for the Church, for our holy pontiff and venerable Father.

22.  The whole community prays for those who help us because gratitude is one of the dearest duty of our hearts.

23.  If someone offends you, do not look at the misfortune but pray for him.

24.  Faithful to the word of the Divine Master, and supported by his grace, we shall   always be happy to pray for those who persecute us.

25.  The prayer of the orphans of Mary will bring upon you, abundant graces and holy blessings. 

26.  So, let us pray, pray together so that we are supported and directed in the difficult mission entrusted to us by this gentle and loving Mother.

27.  Pray and let it happen that you cannot prevent.

28.  Remain in prayer. I know it is only through the prayer the hidden resources of treasures in the Divine Providence be brought out. 

29.  The prayers of the orphan children of Mary will not be rejected by the Lord, because he says, he will listen to the prayer of the poor and does not repel the voice of the orphans.

30.  The suitable recognized modifications will be made; all this must be put at the feet of the Blessed Virgin in meditation and prayer. 

31.  As the congregation grows; ask our good Mother to spread more and more her spirit in its work: which is essential.