Day after day with Father Cestac: JANUARY

JANUARY: Fidelity and Abandonment

1.  Our motto is fidelity and abandonment. Practice it well and you will find peace and happiness.

2.  Regarding trust in the Divine Providence, it is not separated from our trust in the most holy Mother of God, because it is always through her that this adorable providence has indicated his blessings upon us.

3.  The more we have abandonment and trust the more this tender Mother loves to take care of us even in the minute things.

4.  Regarding the future, let us abandon ourselves to the divine goodness; firstly, let us do as well as possible, the best way; it is suggested to us to do well and then pray...

5.  Abandon yourself simply to the holy and adorable will of God ...Don’t worry, just be faithful and at the end everything will turn to the glory of God, for the honor of our good Mother and to our sanctification.

6.  If we rely on ourselves, our strengths, our industries, and our schemes, we might perhaps be afraid; but having and wanting of no support other than the Divine Providence and the tender care of our good Mother, then be perfectly in peace.

7.  In the foundation of the work, we have never counted on anything human, but on Divine Providence and on the good care of our good Mother. It was, it is and I hope, it will be always our unique support.

8.  If you were more surrendered to the Blessed Virgin you would be less agitated. As far as the future of the sisters is concerned, you do not have to worry about it.

9.  You know very well that our divine Master had to endure...therefore abandon yourselves to him; and while doing for the good all that depends on you, raise your eyes to heaven and wait for your comfort from God alone.

10.  Whether you have consolations or do not have them, abandon yourself to the heart of the divine mother ...

11.  Oh, my good Mother, even a small thing has a providential touch under your maternal direction!

12.  Count on the Divine Providence; the basis of Our Lady of Refuge and the background of its foundation, it’s spirit, and the life of this work is to be charity and always charity.

13.  Lift yourselves up to the Lord with a tender and filial trust, place everything into his hands, and abandon yourself whole heartedly to his Divine Providence.

14.  Regardless of money, we considered only what seemed to be the will of God; for the rest, we are always confided to His divine and good Providence.

15.  You are in the hands of is there your treasure, your wealth.

16.  We still have the enormous burdens; but we confide in the divine and paternal Providence, and we say to the Lord in the simplicity of our hearts: "Lord, I have put my trust in you, I shall not be confounded."

17.  Oh! My Mother! it is good to abandon oneself to your maternal tenderness, and rely only on you.

18.  Your maternal heart has directed this admirable Providence in its kindness to us.

19.  The past in the penance, the present in the vigilance, the future in the providence.

20.  Trust more than ever in our good Mother. She will dispose everything according to the holy will of God. Let us abandon ourselves more and more to her maternal heart.

21.  How many times have we not believed all lost and almost without hope! It was in these painful moments that more than ever we had to thank and to bless the providential care of our good Mother and Mistress. 

22.  The Most Holy Virgin will know how to provide everything, abandon yourself to her maternal care. You would be feeling quite sorry if you relied on you. No, count only on our Most Holy Mother.

23.  This cross would be less heavy if the salvation of the souls was not interested in it...What to do? The admirable Mother knows, I can only surrender to her all our interests.

24.  According to the spirit of our divine Mother, we never refuse charity and we rely on the needs of her numerous family in her maternal heart that has never abandoned us.

25.  The time of illness is truly moment of graces. One can admirably practice there all kinds of virtues and above all, the total surrender to God and to His will.

26.  The abandonment that we have to have in the care of our good Mother, does not prevent us from making the observations which seems just and in conformity with the interests of order and of all.

27.  For us this tender Mother is the personification of Divine Providence.

28.  Surrender yourself totally to the holy and adorable will of God that may demand all the sacrifice from you.

29.  We must always adore, love the most holy will of God and surrender ourselves without fear to the care of our good and holy Mother.

30.   It is good to have no other will than the will of God! Abandon yourself therefore entirely to the guidance of our good and holy Mother.

31.   Let us not to be disturbed; Keep calm, a gentle confidence and surrender completely to Our Lord and to His Blessed Mother.