Day after day with Father Cestac: JULY

JULY: Charity

1.  Edouard, never set limits to your charity ...

2.  Mutual love, it is the peace and happiness of life.

3.  The love you ought to have for God must be constant, generous and effective.

4.  May your love always be holy... boundless; that she gives you an inexhaustible depth of gentleness and kindness for these poor children.

5.  The love reigning in your hearts, you will pour in to the hearts of the people as a charity of funds, an inexhaustible depth with regard to all.

6.  You will concentrate above all on preserving the spirit of genuine love towards those who seem to have done you any harm, either in words or in deed, to the community.

7.  Everything can perish except your love (Mary) and the holy practice of charity, which reminds the saying of Saint Paul: "Caritas non excidit" (“Love never ends”).

8.  Receive the soul who comes to you. The more one is abandoned, the more one is deserving your love.

9.  Oh, my good Mother, how happy we are to count on your love and your kindness. We do not want any other support.

10.  We, who are the children of the divine Mother, must imitate her love, her goodness, her mercy even towards to the evil souls, and by this love bring them back to goodness.

11.  By this mutual love, you not only avoid causing you the slightest grief, but also you anticipate yourself a joy of meeting all that can be pleasant.

12.  The first virtue that our divine Mistress wants to see reigning among her Servants is this beautiful virtue of love.

13.  Just as it is by love that Our Lord wants his disciples to be known; it is also by love that the Holy Virgin wants her Servants to be known.

14.  Be respectful to one another, full of love, that of cordial and sincere. Always go forward with what can please one another.

15.  The Love! The Love! Oh! That it is powerful in the heart of God and of the hearts of men.

16.  "It will be done unto you as you have done unto others”, this word of our Lord should encourage us in the practice of love.

17.  In your heart and in your words, be faithful to love: nothing else can consoles the Heart of our Blessed Mother.

18.  Do you not wish us to be kind and charitable towards you? Do to them what you would like them to have done to you.

19.  It would be more comply with the spirit of our divine Mother to use more love and moderation for all who have done wrong to us.

20.  The Divine Mother wishes to see in all her children this holy affection, the mutual love but makes one heart and one soul.

21.  Nothing is more pleasing to the very Holy virgin than to see the love, cordiality reigning among her dear servants.

22.  Love and union of hearts in the souls and the works of God are one of the necessary conditions of wellbeing.

23.  The more evil a soul is, the more compassionate one must be. What a joy to contribute to the salvation of souls.

24.   Receive those who would have to speak to me with the gentleness.

25.  The wine of justice and steadfastness must be added to the oil of charity.

26.  True charity or the love of God is the principle of love which we must have for our neighbor.

27.  That the foundation / basis of the work, the spirit, the life of the work be charity, always charity.

28.  The spirit of our Lord is a spirit of gentleness and love.

29.  The Servants of Mary embrace love in all its directions.

30.  The foundation as well as the growth of the work has always been charity.

31.  O my good Mother, we are happy to rely on your charity and on your kindness. We do not want any other support.