Day after day with Father Cestac: MAY

MAI: Mother Mary

1.  The very name of Mary must make your hearts thrilled with joy, love and hope.

2.  God gave us a mother and confided all our interests in her.

3.  Fortunately, the Most Holy Virgin is there to watch and keep us. There she keeps us closely united to her maternal heart; we are assured that she will resolve everything....

4.  Every day and every moment of the day, often we have the happy experience of her miraculous maternal kindness! So put all your trust into this kindness.

5.  I see her more than I have ever seen her, associated to the three divine persons, in the work of human redemption, fired with the love for the salvation of man, responsible to make them other Jesus, or rather members of the Mystical body of Jesus, by this continual birth, always busy with us, like the best mothers.

6.  Nothing affects her mother's heart as this simple, filial trust that request her everything and never doubts her kindness. This is the great secret of all the protections and all the graces.

7.  Remember this motto: "The most holy virgin will arrange everything ..." every day I see new evidence of that motherly care which she gives to her small work.

8.  You must walk with simplicity and confidence under the eyes of the good and divine Mother, with the most filial abandonment to her kindness, devote yourself to her, and waiting for the reward from her maternal heart.

9.  It is when we are most miserable that this admirable Mother receives us with more tenderness and love.

10.  Your motherly hand knows how to manage everything through the secret ways, but always full of wisdom and goodness.

11.  It is to Mary, as your Mother Superior and good Mother, that you will address all your temporal and spiritual needs.

12.  O my tender Mother, you were there, how good and watchful!

13.  The Most Holy Virgin is becoming more and more maternal for us. We could say that she wants to attract us to her by love.

14.  This good Mother leaves us in pain only to make us feel better that we are in need of her and her help. When the child is in danger or trouble that he cries out loudly to his mother.

15.  I am filled with admiration and gratitude for the inexpressible goodness of this sweet and tender Mother.

16.  Lots of love, a lot of trust in the Mother of all goodness, Blessed Mother, vigilant Mother, powerful and merciful Mother.

17.  Go to this admirable Mother with a great and deepest filial trust. She is so good! Oh! If we knew well her maternal heart.

18.  As the troubles increase, also our confidence has to increase. This is what touches her maternal heart and which fills us with tenderness and goodness.

19.  You can always rely on the care of our kind and compassionate Mother, provided you are faithfully united with her heart.

20.  Count on the care of our good and holy Mother. She will look after you with the concern of the best Mother.

21.  This admirable Mother is always at your side to watch over everything, to provide for and to resolve everything. Let’s rest with trust on her maternal vigilance.

22.  Stay yourselves constantly united with our divine Mother; her kindness will measure your trust and your abandonment.

23.  Raise your heart especially to that kind and sweet Mother; entrust to her all your fears, your good desires, and your holy hopes with the simplicity of a little child.

24.  In your troubles and difficulties, you must address yourself with confidence and simplicity to our good Mother. You will soon feel the effects of her maternal kindness.

25.  Do not be surprised at anything, do not be frightened of anything. Everything passes away. The divine Mother watches and keeps you. 

26.  Our good and Divine Mother take care and watch over you. Count on her: the measure of your trust will be the measure of her kindness. 

27.  Often, often raise love and trust towards the Divine Mother. It does so much good in the pilgrimage of life!

28.  The Mother of all goodness will carry you even with more interest, she will see that you will be no more rejected by the people.

29.  Look at the Blessed Virgin, our Mother, our only hope, our only consolation; always walk righteously under her gaze.

30.  That my joy is so great, to see our good Mother is loved and celebrated by these children and consequently well-known and blessed by the whole parish.

31.  Our mission is to love more and make known more our heavenly divine Mother.