Prayers of Father Cestac

Prayers of Father Cestac

In a moment of intensive prayer and contemplation, Fr. Cestac "believed to see" the inexplicable ravages caused by the power of Satan. He felt strongly the necessity of the prayer to the Virgin Mary, Queen of the Angels. The Holy Virgin then inspired him this petition: “Noble Queen of Heaven and mistress of Angels”…

(January 13, 1864 - Prayer indulged by Pius X on July 8, 1908)

Noble Queen

        Noble Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the Angels, 

        You who have received from God

        the power and the mission to crush Satan’s head, 

        we humbly beseech you 

        to send the heavenly hosts so that under your command, 

        they may pursue the demons, combat them everywhere, 

        crush their bold attacks, and drive them back into the abyss. 

        Who is like God?  

        O Good and tender Mother, 

        you will always be our love and our hope. 

        O heavenly Mother, send the holy Angels 

        to defend me and drive away the cruel enemy. 

        Holy Angels and Archangels defend us and guard us. 

        Noble Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the Angels.

In search of a shelter to welcome the young girls, Father Cestac is gone in pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Notre Dame of Buglose to ask her 50,000 Francs. Now, here is the message he has received from the Virgin Mary: "Ask me only for my spirit"! This was a revelation, which illuminated the rest of his life.

Ask only for my spirit

        Oh yes, most tender Mother, 

        give me your spirit.

        It’s the only thing I ask you for, 

        and everything else will be given in addition. 

        Do give your spirit to all your work

        and to every soul you call to it. 

        I know indeed that if we have your spirit, we have everything. 

        This spirit of wisdom and charity will guide your work; 

        rather, yourself will guide it through your poor servants. 

Thanks giving prayer

        Most Holy Mother, we thank you for all the graces, 

        all the favours, and all the blessings 

        you continuously extend on us. 

        O you are so good, so compassionate for us, 

        be always graciously kind to us. 

        We want to live always united with your heart, 

        to have no life if not in you. 

        Be always full of charity, full of kindness for us. 

Prayer of offering

        Virgin Mary, we give you all our life, 

        we put it into your hands. 

        Be always our guide, 

        lead our way in everything. 

        Direct our spirit with all its thoughts, 

        our heart with all its affections, 

        our soul with all its forces. 

        Take us at your disposal, do what you like with us. 

        Be our Sovereign Mistress.