International Volunteering in Alliance: a project in progress! 

It is with great joy that we share that we started to walk in this VIA project. 

At the beginning of 2022, we have received seven volunteers' requests. After interviews and exchanges, they were enthusiastic about the mission of our proposals and sent the respective mails and forms. 

With enthusiasm we agreed with them the training times, in this stage that we call the BEFORE. The Coordinating Team and the Referents of the respective places were in contact with the volunteers, we were already able to arrange a face-to-face meeting and different connections by ZOOM, we enjoyed the meeting and the richness of the diversity that this project allows. 

AnaPilar and Marta are young Spanish women who will be landing in Latin America in August 2022, to serve in Tarapoto, Peru for one month. 

Lucie and Guillemette, two young French women, chose the Maria de Belen Foundation, Goya, Corrientes, Argentina; their experience will be in August. 

Gemma, a Spanish woman, and Charlotte from France, also chose to go to Goya, Argentina! 

The different people involved in the Project are enjoying the journey we have started, and preparing our hearts to welcome the different experiences that the Lord is giving us. May we share together this enthusiasm! 

Gema, June 2022