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Gudalur, a place where the sacred breath of God is experienced through creation... 

Maria Nikethan is a day center where we welcome children and young people of all ages with mental or physical disabilities. 

We entertain them with physical activities such as gymnastics and yoga, and also technical training, such as candle and cover making… or also mushroom cultivation, an activity in which the children are very interested and actively involved. 

These different learning methods give them the opportunity to develop the mental and physical skills they feel capable of. It is also an outing for them too, and they enjoy their life mingling with one another.

We are supported and encouraged by the local people, who express their gratitude and solidarity, and rejoice in the service we provide to these poor, struggling children.

    Focus on our myciculture business, or how we grow mushrooms!

    • We fill a container with boiling water; add the hay for 15 to 20 minutes; then drain;
    • The straw is placed in the sacks: one layer of straw, another of seed, alternately;
    • The bags are filled ¾ full, pierced all around and then hung in a dark room for a week;
    • When the buds start to emerge, they are placed in a well-lit room until harvest.

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