On the Path of Alliance

Sisters of the Cross

Servants of Mary,

Sisters of the Savior and of the Holy Virgin, 

Sisters of Our Lady of Compassion...

…since 2015, four Congregations have chosen a path of communion

to respond to the needs of the time and to search for a new way of religious life.

VIA: International Volunteer in Alliance

The VIA project is an initiative of our Congregations who wish to offer the valuable experience of their social and evangelising action to those who wish to approach it. The beneficiaries of this action are vulnerable populations, but with great human, cultural and spiritual richness.

That is why we believe that in this project we are all protagonists, we all have something to learn and to teach, something to give and to receive....

Our goal

Those of us who intervene - volunteers, sisters, work teams, and local people - wish to:

  •  Work together, in a network, to make social transformation and solidarity action  possible,
  • Create a space where it is possible to exchange experiences and knowledge, solidarity in action and compassion towards those who suffer, often in solitude,
  • Promote integral commitment (social, political, religious, ecological...),
  • Allow an experience that enables those who live it to commit themselves later on as protagonists of a real social change,
  • Make possible together a more human, supportive and just world, because we believe that this is God's dream.