Prayers of the General Chapter 2019

"Go ahead with others, in the Church, towards the Kingdom."

The 23rd General Chapter of Servants of Mary (Anglet - France, 4th to 25th August 2019) 

Emma Martínez Ocaña

"And when all that had been reflected will become true in us, it will happen to us what had arrived to Jesus, that those who live around us would say: what we have heard and seen with our own eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, that the God of Christians is love and that it is worth to believe in Him. (Cf. 1Jn 1, 1).

In the middle of the night, in spite of the tempest, our persons will be shinning stars, anchored safe in Jesus and His Kingdom, sailing boats driven by the Holy Spirit, links which unite, bridges that make place of encounter, visible witnesses of invisible God."

Spirituality for a world in emergence

- AND… Our eyes will not only be delighted of its beauty, but, like His, they will see the sufferings of the people, they will become places of encounter. This will be eyes that, by looking at, recognize and restore dignity, forgive, encourage, lift up, love.

- AND… Our ears will hear the breath of wind that discover the presence of the Mystery in the daily life; they would know to distinguish, in spite of the noises, the cries of suffering and the songs of joy of the people; they would know to listen attentively and with respect. 

- AND… Our mouth would know to speak and to keep silence as language of love; it would denounce courageously; it would sing the good news; it would share with joy what gives sense to its own life, it would close itself to slander. It would embrace to become sacrament of love, would learn to taste, in the day-to-day life, the tastes of the kingdom and would offer to others this tasty wisdom.

- AND… Our hands would be capable of collaborating at the birth of the new life that enlightens all the corners of the world. This would be the hands, which share, cherish, lift up, heal, and help to demolish the walls of exclusion.

- AND… Our foot would become Samaritans and pilgrims, companions of travel who repair the paths of violence and open the paths of peace. Then our foot would dance, joyful, knowing to profit the simple life, the happiness shared.

- AND… Our heart would day-by-day love more, greater, without narrow-mindedness or resentment, open house, merciful, compassionate, a heart of flesh not of stone.

- AND…Our wombs would know to tremble of pain and happiness; they would not remain indifferent, wombs that would be always fertile, productive of new life for the future generations. We would live our sexual reality without making difference, exclusion and marginalization. We would be capable of living our sexuality by unfolding our capacity to love without fear and without taboo, without obsession, by using our bodies a place of creation of life, a space of fecundity for those who live at our side.

- AND… Our skin would be place of contacts that heal, place for encounter, never to spoil others. Our skin would help us not to confound the limitations of our body with the deep reality of our being that include the whole humanity, the whole creation and God him-self.