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2nd meeting of the 3 Communities in Alliance... 

From October 12 to 15, 2023, the 3 Communities in Alliance,

Les Mureaux, Saint-Pierre-du-Mont and San Sebastián, 

met at the Mother House of the Sisters of the Cross, in La Puye, Vienne.

The General Councils of the 4 Congregations,

Sisters of the Cross, Sisters of Our Lady of Compassion,

Servants of Mary and Sisters of the Savior and of the Blessed Virgin,

were both present, and just as involved as we were.

Here's a look back at the meeting Alliance, through the testimonies

of the 3 Communities.

Les Mureaux

1) What I take away from our Alliance meeting are all the individual and community faces: it was a joy to meet the sisters! It widened my relational and fraternal space.

Moreover, the presence of the 4 General Councils gives a new face to consecrated life in the Church. I remember a few words from Sr Susana: "I believe that God is doing something for his Church and his people".

I think that new things are being born, not only with the Communities who have their limits (age, health...), but also with the laity: common guardianship, VIA... and other projects. My wish, is to share with all the Communities in the region... And my 2nd wish, to maintain our relationship with the 3 Communities, is to renew such a meeting every year, in one or other of the Mother Houses.

The message I received on the last day was: "Trust"; thank you!

2) It was a joy to meet in a place unknown to most of us. Our meeting was intense, with times of prayer, exchanges of experiences and each Community's path towards Alliance. We also enjoyed a few hours' visiting the Mother House of the Sisters of the Cross, with the spirit running through it. I remain with this reflection from Sr Susanna, Superior General of the Sisters of the Cross: "This house is the place of more than 500 years of prayer". Indeed, St. Jeanne-Elisabeth Bichier des Ages acquired it after centuries of presence of "Fontevristes" monks. In the evening, we got to know the two Communities of Sisters who live here.

What I cherish, is the Hope in this new path of Alliance, initiated by the shared life and mission in the 3 Communities, the VIA, the common guardianship (with lay people) and the joint work of the 3 General Councils. This reality reminds me of our founders, who trusted in the Spirit and were not content with what they knew....

It is a call to live in fraternity, openness to the Spirit and trust...


What a joy it was to discover these historic sites, so well appointed and so welcoming!
In a very fraternal atmosphere, we listened to each other with respect, simplicity and great freedom of speech. Each Community shared its way of life and questioned the meaning given to its mission.
In Alliance, fraternity is possible with various charisms; it is the same Holy Spirit who unites us.
We move forward sometimes on firm ground, sometimes in the sand.
The leaders of our General Councils thanked us: "We feel together, on the move!"

San Sebastián

Our Community is grateful for the days spent in Puye, where we shared life and experience, the three Communities in Alliance, together with the General Councils of the Congregations.
We were very well received by the Sisters of the Cross, both in terms of lodging and food, as well as visits to the important places of their Congregation, led in a very clear and pleasant way by Sr Susana.
From the outset, a warm, friendly and participative atmosphere was created, and the highly coordinated organizing team ensured that everything went smoothly. The methodology used was described as "excellent", as were the carefully prepared moments of prayer. We felt free and full of hope, in perfect conviviality.
Throughout our stay, we shared the closeness and mutual knowledge of what we have experienced as Communities in Alliance, in a relaxed and sometimes "festive" way, including with the older Sisters, interested in the Alliance experience.
Thank you very much, for everything and for all of you!

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