Day after day with Father Cestac: JUNE

JUNE: Heart of Jesus and Eucharist

1.  It is through the heart of Mary that we go certainly to the Heart of Jesus: these two closely united hearts should always be your refuge, your hope.

2.  The heart of Jesus is all of charity, all of love, and yours, O admirable Mother, yours is all of goodness, all of mercy.

3.  I want only your heart, O my good Mother, and through your heart, to the adorable Heart of my beloved Jesus, your divine Son.

4.  Our Lord is great and very compassionate; it is he who inspires you with the desire of receiving him; Open your heart to him, and receive him with great love and gratitude.

5.  The good Savior gives us only a single word from his Heart, a word really of a Heart so good, so kind, so full of love for us: "Learn from me that I am meek and humble of heart.

6.  Our good and Holy Virgin wants to teach us to love better our loving Savior, to unite ourselves more intimately with his divine Heart.

7.  What a joy, consolation and strength for us, is he not our most loving Savior in the Sacrament of His love!

8.  All that there is of love and of devotion in the heart of this admirable Mother, poured incessantly into the Heart of her adorable Son.

9.  The Most Holy Virgin calls us with all the power of her love to unite us to the adorable and blessed Heart of Jesus.

10.  If you are deprived of Holy Communion; after a small preparation, make the spiritual communion with a thanksgiving. Our good Savior will come into your soul and fill you with His grace and love.

11.  You are present in our hearts, for we make but one heart and one soul in the holy hearts of Jesus and Mary.

12.  Be united into the Heart and the love of our divine Mother.

13.  If we were faithful to all the graces and blessings, we meditate on it for the consolation of the adorable Heart of our good Savior and of the merciful Heart of his very sweet Mother.

14.  The love of Jesus for the faithful souls, here is the key to the ineffable mystery of our altars.

15.  Consider each soul as a tabernacle intended to receive this adorable Savior who has a great desire to come and dwell in it.

16.  Do not be distracted from Holy Communion. If hurt him, it is a misfortune, it is another misfortune to leave him without a real cause.

17.  When you are deprived of sacramental communion compensate yourself with spiritual communion. It is not the same thing but our good Savior can compensate for everything.

18.  Of all the actions we can do on earth, the greatest; the holiest, it is Holy Communion.

19.  Unite me with all the feelings of the heart burning with love of our good Mother for Jesus her adorable Son in the Most Holy Sacrament.

20.  Being raised or lowered, glorified or despised, is for me a different thing. In this situation I wanted only your heart, O my good Mother, and through your heart, the adorable Heart of Jesus, your divine Son.

21.  Oh! My Mother! That it is good to rely only on you and on your compassionate and merciful heart.

22.  The Most Holy Virgin wants to bring us closer to the Heart of her divine Son to teach us to know him better and to love him better.

23.  I place you in the hands of our holy Mother and I beg her to draw from the heart of Jesus the spirit of penance ... this must be the special spirit of the Congregation.

24.  Celebrate well the feast of our great protector St. John the Baptist, patron saint of Solitude; patron saint of the land and labor of the fields to obtain a favorable time, also patron saint of "the fountain".

25.  We will love and unite our heart to the divine Heart of Jesus but always in the blessed Heart of our divine Mother.

26.  As Servants of Mary and as belonging to this divine Mother, you will be specially welcomed by the adorable Heart of Jesus.

27.  It is in the maternal heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary that we find the lovely and kind Heart of our good and sweet Jesus.

28.  Be calm and quiet, there is no reason to be disturbed, especially do not leave the holy communion.

20.  That in the moments of trial we cry out like the Apostle St. Peter: "O divine and good Mistress, stretch us out your hand, save us otherwise we will perish."

30.  Even in fears do not give up Holy Communion. The good Jesus and the divine Mother will sustain you and keep you. You must never, for any reason, abandon your strength and your support from the Holy Communion.