Day after day with Father Cestac: NOVEMBER

NOVEMBER: Humility and Gratitude

1.  True humility is the source of charity; and the real charity or love of God is the principle of love which we must have for the neighbor. 

2.  I am persuaded that the true good is in the actions hidden in the humility which do not attract the eyes of men but yield fruits in silence and obscurity

3.  Thinking of adorning the altar, do not oblige you to adorn your soul with humility and charity.

4.  The first desire and the first need of the humble soul is to be warned.

5.  That it is precious to be informed! Humble and holy souls have always appreciated this happiness. 

6.  I hope from the kindness of the Lord that you will always compete with humility; that, far from desiring for the high places, you would rather aim for the lowest ones.

7.  Deign, O good Mother, to keep me in humility and distrust of myself.

8.  With humility we have the union with our divine Mother who loves above everything else the humble souls and fills them up with her favors.

9.  Heaven belongs to the humble, and for the humble, and pride is the way to condemnation.

10.  The things may appear to us in different way, be assured that they always turn for our greatest good if we receive them with humility, as the Will of God.

11.  Sweetness, that the lovely branch which proceeds from the humility and love, brings peace and happiness to the souls who possess it.

12.  God gives his grace to the humble ones and the grace with all the gifts of his heart, all the tenderness of his divine Mother

13.  Obedience is the easiest, and the happiest way. But it demands from a humble soul who renounces oneself.

14.  The union of hearts comes from the humility and love; disunity always proceeds from selfishness and pride.

15.  The most holy virgin desires to see in her faithful Servants this admirable peace, which comes from humility and love.

16.  She is the very careful virgin. We must go neither before nor after her, but follow her humbly with love and trust.

17.  The more those who rise against you are irritated; the gentler and more modest you must be in your words and in your conduct.

18.  Work seriously to become humble.  The humility will give you the gentleness with regard to everyone.

19.  As for the communications which you will bestow upon me, I will always receive them with a lively gratitude and also with a spirit of humility.

20.  A priest, unless he was a prodigy of humility, will hardly agree to receive the leadership of a layman, especially as a government. 

21.  We want to receive from our divine Mistress and ovations and humiliations, bringing everything back to her maternal heart and we, remaining as we are, must always be lower and well embedded as the roots of the tree in the earth. 

22.  Know well that the humility is not mistrust, but on the contrary it expands the heart and opens it to trust.

23.  Let us fear only on ourselves and be always in the presence of God in a state of supplication and humility.

24.  Let us be delighted to good in a humble and modest way.

25.  Make them understand well that the most acceptable penance to the Lord is the daily practice of humility, modesty, gentleness.

26.  Often where there is most brightness and outside echo, there is less of very real things.

27.  Bless our good Savior and the Divine Mother for the goodness of these gentlemen to you. Be very grateful in your hearts, always bringing goodness to go back to its true source.

28.  Gratitude is one of the dearest duties of our hearts; it was strongly recommended to us by our divine and tender Mother.

29.  I feel deeply grateful for our good and tender Mother, seeing all that she has done and all that she will do for you. Be grateful.

30.  Far from discouraging and defeating you, you must thank and bless God. You will find in humility, in the confidence and recognition to the precious graces of courage and strength, which will help you to attain new success.