In San Sebastián-Donostia, the Community in Alliance continues its mission despite the Covid-19 

In this time in which we are living and the Covid-19 virus does not leave much room for Voluntary Activities outside, the Alliance Community of Ategorrieta, usually continues to accompany 3 women from the Gizaïde Foundation, who have gone through a personal process and have a real autonomy in decision making and responsibility for their own life path, but who still need a minimum of physical supervision. 

These 3 women live in a flat in the city' s Old Town. 

Four days a week and before going to the different places where they carry out their Work Activities (Ategorrieta Day Centre, AGIFES and the Special Employment Centre for Laundry in Txara II), sisters from the Community visit them and check how they have rested, if they have taken their medication, if their diet is correct, how they do their housework, medical consultations and what program they have for the day in their respective Day and Work Centers.

Periodically, the sisters meet with the psychologist of the Foundation, who also comes to the flat, once a week, to coordinate this accompaniment.