Day after day with Father Cestac: DECEMBER

DECEMBER: Nazareth and the Spirit of Waiting

1.  To walk constantly under the guidance and union with our most blessed Mother, is the way that the infant Jesus followed in the holy dwelling of Nazareth.

2.  Let us apply ourselves in this holy season by entering into the spirit of Holy Childhood. Let us ask to the Divine Child for his simplicity, humility, innocence. 

3.  Let your small community be a faithful image of the house of Nazareth, through silence; Charity, and fulfilling of all our duties.

4.  Let your house of Nazareth be a place of prayer, of silence, of work, and that the duties of it are to be performed with great accuracy.

5.  Be united with this divine Mother, beseech her to make peace reign in her small house of Nazareth.

6.  That your house be a true home of Nazareth, where will reign the fervor, the fidelity, the union of the Hearts and a marvelous peace in the accomplishment of duties. 

7.  The day of Epiphany is the day where we worship the infant Jesus in his humility, in his poverty, his filial surrender to your arms, O the best of the Mothers.

8.  Oh! As the Child was constantly united to his Mother in the holy family of Nazareth. Jesus, the model that we must follow.

9.  Mary wants her Servants to be the faithful imitators of his life of poverty, humility and laborious life in Nazareth.

10.  The day of the Epiphany is the day when the Magi came to adore the divine child and gave to the Mother the presents/gifts they brought to him.

11.  To establish a mother and child relationship between the young girls and the Blessed Virgin, the true model is thus the child Jesus at Nazareth, in a spirit of simplicity, love and trust.

12.  The more you know this good Mother, the more you will feel the need to give yourself to her in a spirit of Holy Childhood as Jesus, her adorable Son asks of us.

13.  Is not the divine Mother present, to come and help her servants, but she does not want foreign elements to mingle in the interior of her work, where she wants to reign in as her small family of Nazareth?

14.  How good the God is to those who are in the simplicity of the heart and the spirit of the holy childhood of the divine Savior, letting themselves be led like Him and in Him by the good and gentle Mother whom He has given us.

15.  Attach yourselves with your sisters to keep you united to our good and kind Mother: it will be the true house of Nazareth.

16.  You know that one of the virtues of our little job is to wait and wait for the moments of God.

17.  Remain well/dwell in this spirit of a calmness and peaceful obedience; do not utter a word, do not make a request that takes away from this spirit of waiting of the moments of God.

18.  You have to wait. Do you really understand this word: to wait for the moments of God? It is a great word which breaks the pride, the impatience, the prudence of man, and causes him to abandon himself blindly to the holy and always adorable will of God.

19.  Meditate on this wonderful word: wait for the moments of God. It is almost the whole secret of divine works.

20.  The work is a work of patience and waiting. You know very well, from the beginning that you who have witnessed it on everything and have always seen that we must wait for the moments of the Divine Will.

21.  When the hour had struck, the graces were all the more in abundance, as longer the waiting, but also all the more resigned.          

22.  You must wait, do you know this long-standing word ... Make it a friend of heart: it will help you and you will learn the secrets of all the divine works.  

23.  I know that in the works of God we must wait for the moments indicated by the Divine Providence.

24.  Wait! It is our great word and the secret of the works of God, never weary in expectation, but placing all our trust always fully, entirely and without doubt in our divine Savior and in His divine Mother. 

25.  How happy are those who know to wait! And the longer the wait, the more abundant and lasting are the divine blessings.

26.  These are my greatest struggles in the work. Few, very few souls know how to wait.

27.  We must wait the moments of the divine Mother; they will come at the providential hour. We see a good and at once we would like to see it realized ... for the works of God, it is up to God to do them according to the wonderful ways of his Providence.

28.  I felt that I ought not to undertake anything on my own, but to wait with trust when the Lord would like to realize it.

29.  Remember our old motto: wait and wait a longer time till the moments of God.

30.  I left everything in your hands, O my good and divine Mother, and I was not deceived in my expectation.

31.  I was always waiting for the manifestation of your designs that you wish, my good Mistress.